What to mine after Ethereum? The Best Coin To Mine

These days everyone asking what to mine after Ethereum. Mining crypto will be profitable or not? and a lot more questions about Ethereum merge or Ethereum 2.O. So if you also have these questions just keep reading this article and you will get answers to all your question on this single page.

If you are someone who doesn’t know what is this Ethereum 2. O or Ethereum merge then let me explain this to you in simple and easy-to-understand language.

Ethereum currently using the Proof of Work mechanism and they are moving it from Proof of Work to Proof Of Stake there are many reasons for doing this but this is Ethereum 2. O or the Ethereum Merge, once it is completed Ethereum mining using GPUs, will stop.

What To Mine After Ethereum?

This is the most asked question these days, every miner wants to know what they should mine after Ethereum merge or you can say Ethereum 2.O. There are multiple crypto coins that you can mine but it’s hard to find which coin will be the most profitable coin for mining. Currently, we all know Ethereum mining is the most profitable crypto coin that every miner mining.

Mining profitability depends on the mining difficulty and mining difficulty indicates how difficult to mine a new block in a blockchain and it depends on the number of miners on the network.

Once Ethereum mining is stopped, miners will switch to other mining networks. Because the number of miners that will switch to the other networks is huge, knowing the exact profitability is not possible right now. But I will share the coins that you can mine after Ethereum merge.

When Ethereum Mining Will Stop?

Once the Ethereum migrated from PoW to PoS then Ethereum mining from GPUs and ASIC machines will be stopped and the estimated time of this migration is the 13th of September. You can check the estimated countdown for this migration on wenmerge. This is an estimated time this can be changed by the developers of Ethereum by changing the TTD (Terminal Total Difficulty).

How Does Ethereum 2.O Affect Miners?

It’s true that Ethereum 2.0 is good for the environment but it will also affect crypto miners because Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency and mining it and staking it make sense and future proof but if we mine other unstable coins then it’s not that safe because you never know when the price of that coin will dump and all your mined coin will be zero in value.

So it affects the miners badly but there are many coins that you can mine after Ethereum merge. I made a list of those coins so that this merge can’t affect your much. It’s true that all alternate coins that you can mine after Ethereum are not that big the profits of mining will not be the same but they will be not too low. An estimate is the profits will go down by 5% to 10%.

Will GPU mining Ends After Ethereum 2.O?

It’s completely wrong GPU mining doesn’t mean mining Ethereum there are a lot of other coins that you can mine with your GPU mining rigs. In fact, there are many miners who mine other coins like Ergo, Raven, etc. The only mining that will stop after Ethereum 2.O is the mining of Ethereum. So now you know it’s not going to end after Ethereum 2.O.

Will Mining Profitable After Ethereum 2.O?

Yes, it will be profitable the only thing is profits may be decreased profits will not be the same as of now because Ethereum is the second largest, and the other alternative coins that you can mine after Ethereum are not that big. If you can check Ethereum is the fastest growing cryptocurrency but the growth of other coins is not even closer to Ethereum.

So the conclusion is yes mining will be profitable after Ethereum 2.O may be the profits will decrease in the initial days but they will increase over the period of time when the price of the crypto coin that you are mining will increase.

Which Is The Most Profitable Coins To Mine After Ethereum 2.O?

Here are the coins that you can mine after Ethereum 2.O and these coins are also profitable. Every coin has some pros and cons you can choose according to your preferences.

Ravencoin – RVN

Ravencoin is a digital peer-to-peer network that aims to implement a use case-specific blockchain, designed to efficiently handle one specific function: the transfer of assets from one party to another. Ravencoin was launched on January 3rd, 2018, and is a truly open-source project. It focuses on building a useful technology, with a strong and growing community.

Also, Ravencoin is the second most mined coin by GPU miners and is currently the most profitable coin to mine after Ethereum. So this is the number one coin to mine after Ethereum 2.O.

Flux – FLUX

Flux is really great coin to mine after Ethereum 2.0. Flux uses the Zelhash algorithm and has a maximum supply of 440,000,000 coins also the block time is 2 min. So this is also a great option to mine after Ethereum merge.

Ergo – ERG

Ergo is really great alternative coin to mine after Ethereum 2.O or you can say Ethereum merge. It uses the Autolukos algorithm and also uses less electricity than other alternate coins. You can check the Ergo mining profitability using Ergo’s official mining calculator.

Profitability after the merge

This is the real concern in the crypto mining industry everyone wants to know about the profitability in the mining after Ethereum merge because it is the second largest crypto coin and once the ETH mining will stop all the GPU miners will shift to other coins and the market cap of all these coins are not that big like Ethereum.

So predicting the exact profitability after the merge is not possible we can check this once the miners start mining other coins because mining profitability is related to the number of miners on the network so once the Ethereum mining will stop and miners start mining other coins then you can exact profitability of your mining rigs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ethereum Merge

Conclusion – What to mine after Ethereum

Here I answered all the questions about Ethereum 2.O and also answered the most asked question “What to mine after Ethereum”. If you still have any confusion or query you can ask that in the comment section of this blog post. I will also update this article accordingly in the future if I found more profitable coins that you can mine after Ethereum then I’ll add them to this list. So don’t forget to bookmark this article and share it on your social media accounts.

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