Biggest Crypto Heists In The World

The Ronin Heist [$625 Million] largest cryptocurrency heists of all time target Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based online game that sees players gather and mint NFTs. Cybercriminals compromised the Ronin blockchain, upon which the Axie project is built, thieving a whopping $625 million in tokens.

Rari Capital and the Fei Protocol Get Hacked [$80 Million] two decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, Rari Capital and the Fei protocol, were robbed by a cybercriminal who used a “reentrancy vulnerability” to pilfer over $80 million worth of cryptocurrency from Rari’s Fuse lending protocol.

Wormhole Gets Its Funds Sucked Out [$325 Million] cybercriminals exploited a vulnerability in Wormhole’s smart contract code to suck out 120,000 wETH, a variant of Ethereum, which was equivalent to some $325 million at the time of the theft.

The Qubit Protocol Gets Hacked [$80 Million] Qubit was compromised by a cybercriminal, who stole 206,809 Binance coins, equivalent to $80 million.

IRA Financial Trust’s Crypto Gambit Proves Not so Trustworthy [$36 Million] A cybercriminal somehow managed to pilfer $36 million in cryptocurrency tied to clients’ funds from IRA Financial. The two companies are now facing a proposed class action lawsuit over the incident. The heist hasn’t stopped Fidelity from allowing its 401k account holders to invest in cryptocurrency, though.

Jack Robs the Beanstalk [$182 Million] cybercriminal from conducting a “flash loan” attack that drained approximately $182 million in crypto from its coffers. The hacker then transferred the funds into a private wallet, absconding with the digital cash.

Hackers Crack into Cashio [$52 Million] hacker used what’s known as an “infinite mint” exploit, which took advantage of a vulnerability inside of the project’s tech. The cybercriminal ultimately made off with $52 million in CASH, which sent the value of the token plummeting till it reached $0.00005.

Deus Finance Gets Hacked Twice in Two Months [$3 Million, Then $13 Million] Deus Finance, a DeFi infrastructure protocol, apparently never learned that lesson. The unfortunate platform was hacked twice in as many months earlier this year—first in March, when a cybercriminal used a “flashloan” attack to hijack some $3 million in crypto, and again at the end of April, when another criminal used a practically identical attack to abscond with approximately $13.4 million in cryptocurrencies.