How To Stake Cardano ADA With Daedalus Wallet

How To Stake Cardano ADA With Daedalus Wallet

How to stake Cardano ADA with Daedalus wallet? Answer of this question is this article. Here I will tell you about the ADA staking process with Daedalus wallet. I shared the complete step by step guide with images once you read the article staking Cardano ADA will be a game for you. You can easily stake your Cardano ADA with Daedalus wallet in just few minutes.

Are you excited to learn “How to stake CardanoADA with Daedalus wallet?

Create Daedalus Wallet

To start staking Cardano ADA with Daedalus wallet first we need to create our Daedalus wallet and it’s very simple you can create Daedalus wallet in just few minutes by reading out step by step guide on How to create Daedalus wallet.

Once you done by creating Daedalus wallet let’s move forward to the next step.

Open Daedalus And Delegation Center

After creating Daedalus wallet open Delegation center from the side menu. On the delegation screen, click on choose Stake pools, from the top menu.


Search For Cardano Stake Pool

Now we need to search for Cardano staking pool. We need to choose the best Cardano staking pool so you can get maximum returns on your staked Cardano ADA.


At the top of this window you will see a slider. This slider can be used to match the size of your delegation and wallet to a suitable pool. Changing the size of your wallet will give you different options to delegate.

How To Choose Best Cardano Staking Pool

In the end, it doesn’t really matter which pool you delegate to, as, over a period of a year, you will get your average 5% return on your ADA. That is the way the network is designed to work, but you should ensure that the pool that you chose is active, not going to shut down and is actively minting blocks to ensure that you are getting a return on your ADA delegation.

Moving from pool to pool to try and game the system simply doesn’t work over a long term period.

Looking at past performance doesn’t exactly correlate to good or better performance in the future although looking at a pools average performance over a 6 month period of time is a good long term measure of performance.

We recommend choosing a pool that has helped you in the community or choosing a pool that has a mission such as a charity pool that aligns with your views.

Delegate Cardano ADA

Click the number and ticker of the pool to see more information about the pool and select “delegate” if you wish to delegate ADA to that pool.

Ensure that you use a pool that is not over Saturated as your rewards will diminish.

Keep in mind, that each time you delegate ADA to a pool, there is a small fee to start delegating to a pool or swapping from one to another.

Now you just need to wait for a few epochs for your wallet to be staked and then rewards to be calculated the following epoch.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some most asked questions on different platforms like Quora and other.

Can you stake ADA on Daedalus?

Yes you can stake ADA on Daedalus wallet and it’s very easy you can start staking Daedalus wallet in just few minutes.

How do I stake my Cardano ADA?

There are many place to stake Cardano ADA like you can stake Cardano ADA on crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc. You can also stake Cardano ADA on crypto wallets like Yoroi wallet and Daedalus wallet.

Can you buy ADA on Daedalus?

Daedalus wallet is an Desktop wallet where you can’t buy ADA you need to buy ADA from exchanges like Binance and then you can transfer ADA from Binance to Daedalus wallet.

Can I stake Cardano on Coinbase?

Yes Coinbase also provide option to stake crypto and on Coinbase you will get upto 5% returns per year.

Can I Withdraw My ADA to Sell?

Yes you can withdraw your ADA if stake Cardano ADA on wallets like Daedalus and Yoroi. But if you stake Cardano ADA on exchange like Binance than you will see a lock period their and you can’t withdraw you ADA before completing that time period.

Is Staking on Daedalus Safe?

It’s very safe to stake ADA on Daedalus you just need to keep your wallet seed phrase safe with you that is the only way to access your wallet. When delegating to a pool, you only ‘point’ your ADA wallet to a pool, you don’t actually transfer it to a pool or someone else’s wallet. Your ADA is always under your control.

Can I Lose ADA by Staking?

No staking doesn’t mean you are transfering your ADA to another account. Delegating simply assigns the staking process to a pool of your choice. Your ADA always available in your wallet whenever you want you can sell or transfer your coins.
If you ever find yourself being told to stake to a pool by transferring ADA to an address, then it is most likely a scam.

Can Daedalus Wallet Be hacked?

If you lose your seed key than your account will be compromised and your tokens in the wallet will be lost. So never share your seed phrase with anyone also never store your seed phrase in your PC on any other device. The best way to keep it safe is write it down on a paper and store it at a safe place.

What is the Best Wallet for Ada?

There are two wallet that are best for Cardano ADA one is Daedalus wallet and Yoroi wallet. Daedalus wallet is a desktop wallet and Yoroi is a browser and mobile wallet you can choose anyone from these wallets.

How Much ADA Do You Need to Stake?

The minimum amount that you need to stake is 5 ADA + transaction fee but staking 5 or 10 ADA doesn’t make sense because it will take long time to recover fee and initial about my recommendation is never stake less than 200 ADA.

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Conclusion – How To Stake Cardano ADA With Daedalus Wallet

In this article we learn how to stake Cardano ADA with Daedalus wallet. If you still have any question about staking Cardano ADA you can ask that in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to follow us on social media for quick knowledge about Cryptocurrency and Crypto Mining.

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