How To Create Yoroi Wallet – Detailed Tutorial


This is a detailed guide about How To Create Yoroi Wallet. Yoroi wallet is majorly used to stake Cardano and storing Cardano. It is non-custodial crypto wallet that is safe and secure wallet to use for Cardano ADA.

So if you want to know how to create Yoroi wallet then I shared step by step guide with photos about the process of creating Yoroi wallet on both desktop and mobile.

How To Create Yoroi Wallet – Step By Step Guide

  • Go to Yoroi wallet’s website by clicking here
  • Once you open the website you will see the download option click on that
  • Now you will see different options (chrome, edge, firefox, etc.) from these option you need to choose your browser that you are using
  • Once you choose the browser you will be redirected to the webstore where you will get option to add Yoroi browser extension to your button.
  • Simply click on that button once you done that in just few seconds Yoroi browser extension will be added to your browser.
  • After installing the Yoroi browser extension just click on that to create your wallet
  • Here choose the language and click on continue button
  • Now you will see some “Terms of Service Agreement” here just agree to them and click on continue.
  • Next option is to allow creating payment URLs to receive cardano coin so click on allow button.
  • Again click on allow button on popup window and click on finish button
  • Here you get three option “connect to hardware wallet, Create Wallet, Restore Wallet” choose second option Create wallet.
  • Now choose the platform so choose “Cardano” here
  • Again you will get two option create wallet and paper wallet. Click on create wallet here
  • Here set wallet name and password
  • Once you set your wallet name and password you will see recovery phrase on the screen just write them and keep them safe if you loose them that means you lost your wallet and all your crypto in that particular wallet.
  • Now you get option to confirm your private key just confirm and click on continue
  • Now tick all option that you see on the screen and click on confirm
  • That is it you successfully created your Yoroi wallet.

How To Create Yoroi Wallet In Mobile

  • Download the Yoroi app from app store or play store
  • On the first screen choose the language
  • Now agree to “Terms of Service Agreement”
  • Here click on “Add Wallet” Button
  • On this screen click on “create wallet” button
  • Now you need to choose wallet name and password here once you done that click on continue button
  • On your mobile screen you will get you private key that you need to keep safe to secure you wallet
  • Now verify you private key here
  • Once you verify your private key your Yoroi wallet will be created successfully

How To Create Yoroi Wallet Video Guide

How To Create Yoroi Wallet Video Guide In Hindi

FAQ – About Yoroi Wallet

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Conclusion – How To Create Yoroi Wallet

That is it from my side I shared detailed guide on how to create Yoroi wallet for both mobile and desktop. If you still have any question or suggestion you can tell us in the comment section below.

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