GTX 1070 Mining Settings For Best Result

GTX 1070 mining settings


GTX 1070 mining settings (overclock settings) provided in this article will work with all models of GTX 1070. No matter which brand’s GPU you are using. The main difference between models and GPU to GPU is the Silicon Lottery. This means your GPU may perform worst or better based on your luck in the hardware.

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GTX 1070 Review

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GTX 1070 Mining Settings (Overclock Settings)

Overclock setting are different for all mining algorithms we will try to add as much as we can. But It’s not possible to add for all the algorithms. But don’t worry you will get GTX 1070 Mining Overclock Setting for the most profitable crypto coins and algorithms.

If two numbers are provided, first will be for Windows the second will be for a Linux-based Mining OS.

GTX 1070 Ethash (ETH) Mining Overclocks:

Recommended miner: Trex

Core MHz (Absolute core)Memory MHz (Memory clock offset)PowerLimit
Fan Speed %

With these setting you will get 28.00mh/s with 120 Watts power consumption on GTX 1070.

GTX 1070 KawPow (RVN) Mining Overclocks:

  • Core Voltage (VDD): N/A
  • Power Limit (%): 70% or 130w
  • Core Clock (CClock): +150
  • Memory Clock (MClock): +650 or 1300
  • Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.

With these setting you will get 16mh/s with 120 Watts power consumption on GTX 1070.

Mining Rig Build With GTX 1070

Here we added all parts to make GTX 1070 mining rig in the minimum budget

As I mentioned here we added all parts to make GTX 1070 mining rig in the minimum budget. But the main thing that I want to share with you rates of all the components mentioned here are not fixed you may get different rates of all parts at different locations and place of purchase.

Also you can use different parts for your mining rig if you want it all depends on you. But we always try to mentioned the best components for the mining rig to get the best profits from your crypto mining rig at minimum cost possible.

Components Used In This Rig Build

Mining Rig ComponentsBest Buy Link For Global ShippingBest Buy Link For Indian Users
Motherboard – Biostar H61BAmazonAmazon
Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 1600 / i3 3rd GenAmazonAmazon
RAM – Crucial Basics 8GB DDR4AmazonAmazon
SSD / Pendrive – SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GBAmazonAmazon
Power Supply – Cooler Master MWE Gold 850WAmazonAmazon
Risers – Pi+ RisersAmazonAmazon
GPU – GTX 1070AmazonAmazon

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