7 Best Places to Stake Cardano

Best Places to Stake cardano

Cardano is a very popular coin when we thought about staking cryptocurrency that’s why I make a list of best places to stake Cardano ADA. This list will help you to choose the best crypto wallet or crypto exchange to stake Cardano ADA to get maximum returns from your staked cryptocurrency.

Cardano is a proof of stake blockchain platform to know more about PoS you can check out our detailed and easy-to-understand guide on What is proof of stake and how does it work?

We all know other than crypto mining cryptocurrency staking is the best way to make money through cryptocurrency. So to earn maximum profits from your cryptocurrency you need to choose the best place to stake your cryptocurrency there are many crypto wallets and crypto exchanges that provide staking features but all of them give different profits also not all of them are safe.

So choosing the right place to stake cryptocurrency is very important for your crypto safety and profits also some platforms like Binance lock your crypto for some time and some of them give the option to withdraw any time so you need to choose the best for you and in choosing the best staking place for your cryptocurrency I will help you with the list of the best places to stake Cardano ADA.

How To Stake Cardano?

Here are the quick steps to stake Cardano ADA using crypto exchanges and crypto wallets:

  • Create an account on a crypto exchange or crypto wallet like Yoroi
  • Purchase or transfer Cardano ADA to your crypto wallet
  • Navigate to the staking section and select Cardano
  • Enter the amount of Cardano ADA tokens to stake
  • Click on ‘Stake now’ to finalize and begin staking Cardano

What does staking Cardano mean?

Cardano ADA Investors hold their ADA tokens on the network. When the

owner delegates the tokens to a staking pool, they are participating in the security and governance of the Cardano proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network by validating new blocks and processing transactions.

In return for contributing to the network, the owner will receive a staking reward or return on their investment. This process is known as crypto staking and is a similar concept to mining digital currencies.

Where to stake Cardano?

You can stake Cardano ADA on both Cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto wallets to earn rewards on crypto staking. Here are some of the best places to stake Cardano ADA based on their annual returns, fees, and security.

  • Yoroi Wallet (Best wallet for Simplicity)
  • Daedalus Wallet (Best wallet for desktop users)
  • Binance (One of the best exchanges for staking)
  • Crypto.com (Best staking app)
  • KuCoin (Best for ADA fixed rate)
  • CEX.IO (Best for UK investors)
  • Kraken (Best return on staking)

Best place to stake Cardano (Quick comparison)

Here is a quick comparison between Cardano staking platforms I added fixed rates, flexible rates, and reward frequency in this comparison. The figures mentioned below are estimates only it may change anytime by the platforms.

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Exchanges & Wallets for Cardano staking

Nowadays cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are not just used to trade and store cryptocurrency. To expand their customer base exchanges and wallets like Binance, Yoroi wallet, Coinbase, KuCoin, and Kraken have a wide range of features and services to keep funds on their platform while benefitting the customer with options to earn money passively through staking PoS tokens.

1. Yoroi Wallet


Yoroi wallet is one of the best crypto wallets to stake Cardano ADA also it’s really easy with Yoroi wallet to stake Cardano ADA because it was created to stake Cardano. Also, it’s a fast, easy, and secure wallet to stake Cardano. I already shared a detailed guide on how to create Yoroi wallet and How to stake Cardano with Yoroi wallet.

The annualized return on investment ranges between 4.84% to 5.12% APY at the time of writing. The staking pool operators can change their fees at any time which can be a downside to using open source pools. There is a grace period of 20 days for the coins to be approved are delegated to the network to avoid overloading. After this period, the coins will start to accrue rewards which will be paid out every 5 days, minus staking fees.

2. Daedalus Wallet


Daedalus wallet is specially made for PC users. Yes, Daedalus wallet only works on PC so if you are going to stake Cardano on other devices like a mobile, tablet, and more than you can skip to this wallet but wait if you are a PC user then Daedalus wallet is one of the best wallets for you to stake Cardano ADA.

 Daedalus is a full wallet node that maintains a full copy of the Cardano blockchain to independently verify each transaction that has occurred. This means investors can choose between delegating their ADA tokens or running their own Cardano node.

The Daedalus wallet provides full control and operations however is not ideal for beginners. For advanced Cardano investors that want to use a secure software wallet to run their own staking Node, Daedalus is a good option.

3. Binance

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange it was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao. Binance introduces Cardano ADA staking on the 10th of February 2021. You will get multiple locking periods on Binance also in the reward rate also increase with the locking duration.


On ADA staking you get their option for 30,60, and 90 days and the estimated staking rewards are following 7.75%, 8.24%, and 11.23%. Also, the minimum amount that you need to start staking Cardano ADA is just 1 ADA token. Binance.US does not currently support Cardano staking and will need to use another provider.



Crypto.com is the fastest-growing crypto app. Crypto.com allows customers to buy, trade, sell, store, earn, stake, loan and pay bills using cryptocurrencies using its products on a mobile device. The app supports a list of 30 different coins that can be staked on the platform including ADA tokens to earn a passive income of 3% per annum.

The ADA staking rewards on Crypto.com are not as high compared to other exchanges. However, the staking bonuses can be increased to 5% for a fixed 3-month period by holding 500,000 CRO tokens in a wallet.



Kucoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange for trading cryptocurrency and digital assets like NFTs. KuCoin is trusted by 1 out of 4 crypto holders in the world. It is best for both beginners and expert crypto traders.

People who can use KuCoin digital cryptocurrency exchange can access Pool-X to earn a stable income from their digital assets. KuCoin offers multiple digital assets to stake them and earn a stable income. KuCoin offers flexible staking for the Cardano network with an estimated return of 1.5% per annum.



CEX.IO is a popular cryptocurrency exchange in the UK. It is very easy to use cryptocurrency exchange for beginners. This is designed to provide easy to use the platform to convert fiat money to digital currencies. The CEX.IO staking platform allows its users to increase the holdings of their favorite coins such as Cardano on a CEX.IO account to get a passive income. Once the ADA tokens are purchased or transferred to the exchange for staking, the rewards are automatically added to the wallet balance.

CEX.IO offers an estimated staking reward of 2.6% per annum which can be withdrawn at any time. There are no lock-in terms that allow the users’ to trade the coins on the exchange. The ADA staking rewards are calculated every hour and sent to your account once a month.

7. Kraken


Kraken is a digital asset exchange that connects willing cryptocurrency buyers and sellers on a simple and intuitive trading platform. Since its inception in the market, Kraken has become a leading crypto exchange in the USA with a high reputation for ease of use, safety, and competitive pricing that is suited for experienced crypto investors. The exchange has expanded its core products and services to include cryptocurrency staking of 12 assets for customers to maximize their return while holding coins on a Kraken wallet.

Investors that transfer ADA tokens or purchase directly using the Kraken Exchange can stake their investment to start accruing and earning rewards. There are no waiting periods or fixed-term periods. Kraken’s estimated staking incentive for Cardano is between 4% and 6% per annum. The return on investment for staking Cardano on Kraken is excellent under a flexible arrangement compared to other similar exchanges. For example, the staking rate on Binance and KuCoin is 0.48% and 1.5% respectively for a flexible term.

FAQs – Cardano Staking

Is Cardano staking worth it?

If you need the answer to this question in one word then Yes Cardano staking worth it. Because by staking Cardano you will earn more Cardano tokens with the time so instead of keeping your crypto in any wallet or exchange stake your crypto in staking pools so that you can make some money from that.

Is Cardano staking safe?

It is safe if you choose the right place to stake Cardano. There are many Cardano staking platforms available but not all of them are safe to use. I made a complete list of the best Cardano staking place where you can stake your Cardano safely and make money from that.

Is Cardano staking profitable?

Yes, it is profitable but the profits depend on the amount of Cardano that you staked usually you get 4-11% returns on Cardano staking on different platforms.

How does Cardano staking work?

In simple words Cardano staking is very simple you need to stake some Cardano tokens on any Cardano staking platform and for that, you will get some rewards it is something like your bank where you deposit your money to your bank and your bank give interest on that.

When is Cardano staking rewards paid?

It is different from platform to platform some platforms provide rewards on daily bases and some platforms can pay rewards on some fixed days.

How much Cardano do you need for staking?

The minimum amount that you need to start Cardano staking is just 1 ADA but it is not recommended according to me at least stake 1000 ADA or more than this to get maximum rewards on Cardano staking.

Conclusion – Best places to stake Cardano ADA

Mentioned Wallets and exchanges in this article are the best places to stake Cardano ADA to earn maximum rewards by staking Cardano ADA. I have one bonus tip for you my preference to store or staking cryptocurrency is a crypto wallet. For beginners, the Yoroi wallet is the best but you can choose the best Cardano staking platform from the above list according to your requirements.

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