The 5 Best Hardware Wallets For Cryptocurrency In 2022 (Altcoins Supported)


If you’re interested in buying and storing Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you may be looking for the best Bitcoin wallet. For this purpose, you will need investment software that enables cryptocurrency trading, and you will also require a “wallet” to store and safeguard your key code for getting access to your assets.

Bitcoin has earned universal recognition, and its popularity continues to grow. In contrast to equities at a brokerage, you can take your cryptocurrencies from a crypto exchange and store them in an external wallet. The Best Hardware Wallets make it straightforward (and a little fun) to securely store and manage your cryptocurrency holdings.

Due to its great popularity across the globe, everyone is aware of Bitcoin as a digital currency. However, the majority of folks lack enough understanding regarding the safe usage and storage of Bitcoins. Bitcoins are housed in a customized digital wallet, especially designed to safeguard them from hackers. There are numerous varieties of wallets, but you must consider various things to choose the finest one.

Best Hardware Wallets for cryptocurrencies contain your private crypto key online or offline and are often categorized as “hot” or “cold” wallets. Hot wallets are utilized for online storage, whereas cold wallets use hardware and external devices to allow offline storage.

We have prepared a list of some of the best Bitcoin wallets for securely saving your private key code. However, many of these Bitcoin wallet alternatives also support Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Our List of the Best Hardware Wallets

The Ledger Nano X: The Finest Cryptocurrency Wallet on the Market


We think the Ledger Nano X is the best bitcoin wallet available right now. Compared to other wallets, this one offers more security and storage space. The Ledger Nano X may be the greatest alternative for storing your cryptocurrency. It is a digital asset repository.

Even if you aren’t online, you may still access your crypto assets with the most popular cryptocurrency wallet, the Nano X. Up to 100 apps can run simultaneously on the device’s enormous screen. Users knowledgeable about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are urged to explore this section.

This year’s Ledger Nano X has been able to support a large number of digital currencies. Ledger has controlled the industry for many years due to the Ledger Nano S, the company’s initial bitcoin gadget.


Using the Nano X is as simple as connecting it with a USB cable or Bluetooth pairing with your phone or tablet. Using the wallet without a computer should be possible with an iPhone or Android smartphone. There are more than 1800 cryptos to choose from! As the Bitcoin community expands, so does the number of requests for help.

The Ledger team has built a visual user interface for all of your digital assets, including Bitcoin. This feature allows users to manage their portfolios and add numerous cryptocurrency wallets to their devices. Ledger hardware wallets have long been the industry standard. This device can also connect through USB-C to a desktop computer or smartphone instead of Bluetooth.

The Ledger Nano X has a simple user interface. Nothing can go wrong with just two buttons. To browse between menus, you must press both buttons simultaneously when the device is on. If you want to go back in time, you may wish for a touchscreen or at least an extra button to make things easier.

 To manage your crypto, you’ll need to download the Ledger Live desktop or mobile software. For the former, utilise USB-C to USB-A and Bluetooth for the latter. The platform supports native clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. ‘They are simple to use on PC and mobile due to their basic layouts and user interfaces. Mobile functions are arranged in the bottom navigation bar, whilst desktop features are arranged in self-explanatory tabs.

When all instructions are rigorously followed, connecting the Nano X to the Ledger Live applications is simple and secure. This is all part of the bitcoin security method using a hardware wallet and is perfectly normal.

 There was only one issue with using the program to create a Bitcoin wallet. The program invites you to choose between two addresses. Aside from the Ledger website, the app may help crypto newbies comprehend the difference.

The Trezor Model T is the most popular Bitcoin hardware wallet in the world today.

Trezor t-series-wallet

 Trezor’s Model T is Trezor’s second generation of hardware wallets, and the company is well-known in the crypto-cold wallet storage market. Changelly and CoinSwitch are only two of the third-party exchanges that may be used directly from the Trezor Model T’s internet interface. Despite its usefulness, the $190 price tag seems excessive.

 In comparison to the previous generation, Generation T has a touch screen, which is easier for beginners to use than buttons. Using a MicroSD card, you may encrypt your Trezor’s PIN and make it more difficult for hackers to access.

 Support for a Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies: You can utilise the Trezor Model T’s USB Type-C connection to connect it to your smartphone or desktop computer, like the Ledger Nano-X. Over 1,600 other coins are now supported by the platform as well. Due to the Model T’s Bluetooth connection, some users claim it is more secure than the Ledger Nano (even though the Ledger Nano’s Bluetooth is optional).

Secure cold storage: For first-time buyers of Bitcoin in larger numbers, the Trezor Model T is the best cold storage solution. If you’re a hardware wallet rookie, this is one of the easiest options to use. It takes only 10–15 minutes to set up this cold storage wallet.

Model T Trezor’s code is available to the public, allowing third-party developers access. Because of this, it’s easier for the crypto community to find bugs and mistakes that need to be fixed right away. In addition, this wallet boasts a large touchscreen that looks great.

 If you’ve ever used a hardware wallet, you know that the setup process may be time-consuming and tedious. Once you’ve set up the backup phrase, installed and updated Trezor firmware, and completed the actual coin storage on your device, you’ll be able to move on to the next step.

From the moment you unbox the device until you can begin utilising it as a storage device, user feedback indicates that this company has optimized every step of the setup process.

 Changing your recovery phrase (the 12-to 24-letter and number code necessary to retrieve your cryptos if you lose your device) at any time is one of the most obvious ways of displaying this.

The Ledger Nano S is a popular Bitcoin trading wallet.


 The Ledger Nano S is a first-generation hardware wallet. With the Nano S, you can use up to 1500 coins. The lack of a USB Type-C connection may cause issues with modern devices.


Supported cryptocurrencies: Except for a few small adjustments, it is essentially identical to the Nano X. Both have access to Ledger Live and can utilise the same cryptocurrency options. However, unlike the Nano X, the Nano S lacks Bluetooth. The Nano X can run 100 programs simultaneously, while the Nano X only supports three.

 A Nano S wallet can only hold a few coins at a time. According to the website, adding a new cryptocurrency does not affect your current holdings. Ledger Live shows the crypto in the deleted wallet but not the wallet itself. Delete another wallet to send or receive money from the deleted wallet.

 The Ledger Nano S is a wonderful wallet for individuals looking to save money on Bitcoin storage. Easy to use, Ledger Live is a fantastic solution for a newbie wishing to store a few coins securely and transparently.

 The Ledger Nano S is one of the best Bitcoin hardware wallets available today. Even while it only contains 18 apps compared to the X’s 100, it can safely hold a significant amount of Bitcoin.

A USB-style hardware device’s owner has no knowledge of what your private keys are. Because it is a cold storage wallet, it is difficult to steal money from it.

 A knowledgeable crypto user can set up a 20-word recovery seed and PIN in case their Nano S is lost or stolen. Despite not having all of the advanced capabilities of its bigger sibling, the Nano S is a great crypto wallet for beginners.

Exodus is a secure online wallet for beginners.


 Exodus allows you to store and sell cryptocurrencies on your PC or mobile device. Exodus’ capacity to trade between an increasing number of cryptocurrencies is a popular feature.

 Highlights for New Users:

This wallet’s simplicity makes it ideal for new cryptocurrency users. It provides great help for a novice in a complex area.

 Exodus is a closed-source wallet. It’s ideal for beginners, but expert users may miss out on several functions. This would go against the spirit of the Bitcoin network and raise security issues because the code isn’t open to the public. Customers trust Exodus to keep their wallets secure.

 Exodus can also automatically determine a price for rapid transactions. It enables customs fees to keep costs low while maintaining fast transactions. This wallet is ideal for those new to Bitcoin. It is a free, non-custodial wallet that allows mobile access to Bitcoins. It’s the best way to spend Bitcoin daily.

 A built-in cryptocurrency exchange allows users to trade and send bitcoins from within Exodus. Over 100 coins are supported. Many more popular currencies are supported, like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many more. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, this wallet is a no-brainer with 24/7 live chat customer support. Nero Exodus is one of the better choices for novices, despite its virus vulnerability.

 Exodus is a cross-platform application for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. To begin, simply download and execute the software. No registration is required. Exodus’ designers claim the app is secure by all means. The wallet requires only a password to be authenticated, as it lacks two-factor authentication.

 Plus, unlike some of its competitors, Exodus does not offer multi-signature address authentication. Any transaction must be approved by a number of devices.

 Once inside the app, you’ll notice its clean and simple design. The program will likely include a bitcoin exchange and a portfolio management service. Given its many capabilities, the program’s ease of use is amazing.

Mycelium is the best place to buy and sell bitcoins on the blockchain.


 The open-source Mycelium Bitcoin wallet requires a mobile device to use. Currently, Mycelium only supports a few coins. Mycelium is a lot like the Electrum wallet. But it’s exclusively for mobile, has a better user interface, and is linked to an exchange.

 Mycelium is a leading cryptocurrency wallet. You can set transaction fees based on how long you’re willing to wait for a transaction to complete.


Using Mycelium’s hardware wallet compatibility feature, users can retain their Bitcoin on an offline storage device and access it using Mycelium’s user interface.

 Mycelium is a mobile hot wallet that lets you save a variety of popular digital currencies. The Mycelium user interface includes a cryptocurrency exchange for trading and buying coins.

 There’s also the option of a hardware wallet. With the Trezor and Ledger cold wallets, you can protect your Bitcoin in many ways. For many consumers, the flexibility to customize transaction costs is a huge bonus.

 It’s free and open source.

 We differ on the Mycelium interface. It’s simple to send and receive Bitcoin using the application. The software’s varied functions may confuse cryptocurrency newbies.

 The program’s tabbed layout makes it easy to access all of its capabilities. The Balance page, for example, reveals your current Bitcoin balance and the current BTC exchange rate. There are also buttons to transfer and receive Bitcoin.

 On the Balance tab, you may also add a new Bitcoin exchange. The list’s benefit is that it shows each exchanger’s current exchange rate. It’s wonderful that Mycelium gives a list of popular Bitcoin addresses.

 Top security features include address rotation and privacy protection. You can use Tor to interact with the server under the Options menu.

 Mycelium has a lot going for it. Notable is that it is only available on web-connected mobile devices. However, this is a good free option for storing small quantities of digital currency.

How We Came to Compile This List

When it comes to choosing a bitcoin wallet, you must exercise caution because the wallet is where your private and public keys will be stored. You run the risk of losing all of your bitcoins if your account is compromised.

Only a few considerations should be taken into account for each type of wallet you intend to employ for any reason. As a result, we’ll show you how to select the most appropriate Bitcoin wallet for your requirements.

The Best Hardware Wallets For Cryptocurrency

Having offline storage for your cryptocurrency is a smart thing. It is much safer than online wallets that’s why I always prefer using the best hardware wallets to store my cryptos.

So let us know: Which Bitcoin hardware wallet are you using?

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