6 Best Bitcoin Wallets To Store Your BTC (2022 Edition)


Bitcoin has gained widespread acceptance, and its popularity is only expected to grow in the future. As with stock investments, it is feasible to withdraw your bitcoins from a cryptocurrency exchange and store them in a different wallet than you would with stock investments. The best Bitcoin wallets allow you to store and manage your cryptocurrency assets in a safe and secure manner.

Your quest for the best Bitcoin wallet can be prompted by your desire to purchase and store Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The pricing, user experience, and other elements of a large number of different Bitcoin wallets were investigated. Continue reading to find out more about some of the best Bitcoin wallets currently available on the market.

Because we’re talking about digital currency, the term “wallet” is merely a metaphor. In addition to being a physical device, a cryptocurrency wallet can also be a piece of software that is installed on your computer, smartphone, or in a cloud storage service. Using well-known services such as Robinhood, PayPal, and Venmo, it is simple to purchase bitcoin and other digital currencies.

In the financial industry, there are numerous “custodial” services available, which indicates that you are entrusting the corporation with the safeguarding, protection, and storage of your money. At the end of the day, they are in power, and your cryptocurrency is in their possession.

Because of this, unless you’re making frequent transactions or dealing with a little amount of money, we advise against putting your Bitcoin in an exchange account. Investing in a hardware wallet for offline storage, such as this one, is the recommended practice.

A “noncustodial” software wallet or wallet program, which provides you more control over your digital assets than a regular bank account, is the next best alternative. We’ll take a look at both of them in our quest for the best bitcoin wallet.

Increasing your level of independence comes with the same level of responsibility in either case: As a cryptographic counterpart of a strong password, you’ll only need to remember where your private key is. In addition, a decision must be made as to which is more important: accessibility or security.

It is possible to store cryptocurrency in both a hot and a cold wallet that is separate from the internet, but the cold wallet requires additional steps each time you want to make a bitcoin transaction in order to keep your funds safe from hackers. Find out which wallet is perfect for you by reading on.

The Best Bitcoin Wallets That You Should Use

Coinbase Wallet


Since it went public in April, Coinbase has become the most well-known bitcoin exchange in the United States. The startup has a Visa-backed debit card that works with Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it easy to buy and sell well-known cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoin.

You can get started with cryptocurrency using wallets like the Coinbase Wallet. Android and iOS applications are available, and the wallet is integrated with the company’s exchange, which makes it easy for anyone with a bank account to buy tokens and coins using traditional currency.

As a noncustodial wallet rather than an exchange, Coinbase Wallet is protected by a unique 12-word recovery phrase that is generated when you sign up for the service. To be clear, holding your cryptocurrency on Coinbase’s exchange is different from storing it in your wallet, which is not held in trust.

Transferring money back and forth between them is simple, though, because of their interconnection. It’s your money, so don’t hesitate to spend it. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, your cryptocurrency is still in their hands. Everything comes down to them, and your crypto is in their hands.

Trezor t-series version

Trezor t-series-wallet

Trezor’s new Wallet Web app, Trezor Suite, took its place as of the beginning of this month. As a result, our initial reactions to a new product are captured in this study. Trezor, on the other hand, was established in 2011 in the Czech Republic as a subsidiary of SatoshiLabs.

The $221 Model X of Ledger Nano X is Trezor’s second hardware wallet generation, and it features many of the same capabilities as the $221 Model T. In theory, the open-source nature of Trezor’s software adds an additional layer of security: The code that powers the wallet is available for study.

On the corporate website, you may access Trezor Suite, which is a desktop application that runs directly on your computer. As opposed to a web app, this provides a higher level of security. If you’re using a Trezor wallet, you can trade more than 1,600 different currencies and tokens through its built-in exchange platform.

The Model T contains a touchscreen, USB cable, microSD card, and USB connector for connecting to a computer as an old-school stopwatch. A microSD card with encrypted data is also included. Security supporters prefer that it does not have Bluetooth, because hackers may use it as a way to infiltrate the device’s network.

Ledger Nano X is a digital ledger


This wallet is Ledger’s second-generation cold storage wallet, and it has a capacity of 256GB. Over 1,800 coins and tokens are supported by the integrated Ledger Live platform, which is simple to understand and use. These include bitcoin, ether, and XRP, among others. The wallet may be connected to your computer via a USB cable, as well as to Android and iOS mobile devices via Bluetooth — a feature that the Model T does not offer.

The device is well-built and equipped with a modest LED display. To begin, you’ll create a PIN and a seed phrase consisting of 24 words. The seed phrase serves as the private key for your wallet. Because crypto assets are stored in a private key, just like other types of wallets, you will not lose any of your crypto assets if your wallet is lost or stolen.

Notable is that Ledger experienced a data breach in July 2020, which resulted in the compromise of certain clients’ personal data — but, crucially for us, not the theft of their cryptocurrency assets. Although no private keys to digital wallets were compromised, consumers have reported receiving phishing emails and other fraudulent threats as a result of the incident.

Having said that, Ledger has long been a trusted name in the cryptocurrency sector, but the data hack serves as a timely reminder to be cautious while conducting business online — especially when dealing with digital assets.



However, because Exodus is a hot wallet, which means that your assets are held on the internet, it is also noncustodial, which means that only you have access to your private key, which is a 12-word password phrase that safeguards access to your cryptocurrency assets.

The Exodus wallet is meant to work on PCs running Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, while there is an Android and iOS companion app available for use on mobile devices. The desktop user interface is simple and straightforward to use. Because your wallet is fully integrated with the Exodus exchange, it is simple to conduct transactions with it.

Bitcoin, ether, tether USD, and dogecoin are among the more than 130 types of cryptocurrency that Exodus accepts and supports. However, there are some notable limitations to the exchange: Purchasing cryptocurrency with US dollars and storing it in the Exodus wallet will require you to first acquire the asset on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase, and then transfer the assets to Exodus.

With the app version, you can make purchases of bitcoin using US dollars instead of Bitcoin. Furthermore, once you have an asset in your wallet, it may be readily swapped for other assets that are supported by the wallet. While the wallet itself is free to use, Exodus charges a fee for transactions that take place through its exchange platform.

As a general rule, hot storage wallets are regarded less secure than cold storage wallets, and some Exodus users may find it necessary to upgrade to cold storage in the future. The good news is that Exodus is fully compatible with both Trezor’s One and Model T hardware platforms, respectively.



Mycelium has been around since the beginning of the cryptocurrency era, and the Mycelium wallet is one of the most well-known, oldest, and best bitcoin wallets available. Although this wallet is now only available on mobile devices (there is no desktop version), it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The Mycelium wallet features an appealingly basic UI, however, it only supports a few types of cryptocurrency compared to the other wallets reviewed here: Although you can transfer and receive bitcoin, ether, and ERC-20 tokens, such as tether Dollars, USD currency, and Binance Dollars, you will not be able to send or receive the hundreds of esoteric coins that have been generated in recent years.

It is possible to buy and sell bitcoins straight through the app, and Mycelium also allows you to purchase bitcoins using conventional fiat currency.

Because the Mycelium wallet is non-custodial, you will be the only one who has access to your private key and personal identification number (PIN). This wallet is also the only hot storage wallet on our list that is totally open-source, making it an excellent choice for developers.

Even though it provides additional protection, it also provides limited technical support; essentially, if you get lost, send an email to the support email address mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Mycelium is a more complex wallet that supports QR codes, allows you to specify custom transaction fees, and is compatible with hardware wallets from Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey, among other manufacturers.



Coinsmart is a digital currency exchange that makes it simple to purchase and sell cryptocurrency without the headache of dealing with many exchanges. It enables you to gain immediate access to your Bitcoin payment as well as your cash. This programme provides you with a quick and simple method of invoicing your customers through the use of SmartPay Invoicing.

A large number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, and others are supported. Live assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a single click, you can trade any currency. It completes all Fiat withdrawals in a few days. This platform can be accessed via mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

The following are the traits you should look for in a bitcoin wallet. Keep the following points in mind before making your decision:-

When it comes to cryptocurrency usage, the most crucial factor to consider when selecting a crypto wallet is how you want to use your digital money… It goes without saying that for individuals who intend to purchase and retain their investment for an extended period of time, a hardware wallet is the finest alternative available.

2-factor authentication, also referred to as 2FA, is a type of authentication that needs the use of two factors in order to be effective. With the help of this function, you may validate your identity while logging into your cryptocurrency-wallet account. Someone who has your password or is capable of cracking your password using any of a variety of methods would still be required to pass the second level of authentication, regardless of whether or not they already have your password.

To obtain access to your account, the majority of the exchanges sent you a verification number to your mobile phone, which you had to enter into a sign-in area before you could access your account.

Transactions with multiple signatures are supported: In some cases, a cryptocurrency wallet may be owned by a group of individuals, such as a group of business partners. A requirement for multi-signature support will arise at that moment.

This will assist you in defining the security for the wallet, which will be necessary for multiple keys before access is granted. This also prevents any one individual from spending the funds in an illegal manner or from transferring the funds to another wallet account, among other things.

When it comes to storing cryptocurrencies, exchanges are a popular choice among cryptocurrency users since they provide a large range of tokens, allow you to make payments as well as buy, sell, and trade using the GDAX platform, and are simple to use.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, many people have a large number of cryptocurrencies rather than just a single cryptocurrency in their possession. Because of this, keeping track of a separate wallet for each and every currency can be a time-consuming and complicated procedure. You should therefore select a bitcoin wallet that is capable of handling a wide range of different sorts of currencies (such as Bitcoin).

In order to access your mobile bitcoin wallet using a QR code scanner, you should purchase one of the devices listed below. In this way, mobile bitcoin wallets may generate and scan a QR code for coin transfers, enabling for faster and more efficient coin transfers.

Availability of a backup option: The crypto wallets you select should have the ability to save a backup of your data. You will have data to restore from a backup as quickly as possible if your laptop, computer, or phone device ceases to function properly. Therefore, several mobile cryptocurrency wallets, like Coinbase, have a useful feature that allows you to restore your wallet in the event that it is lost or stolen.

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